for the Nursing Profession

Protect Yourself and Your Family
in Case of an Accident or Illness

Monthly Benefits at a Fraction
of the Cost of Other Plans

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If you are a nurse, you need employee benefits, such as nurse disability insurance and critical illness insurance. The Enroll Me Now team has more than 100 years combined experience providing nurses, just like you, with nurse disability insurance and critical illness insurance. If you are a member of an approved nurse association group, we can provide these employee benefits to you today.

Exclusive Offers for Members

Members need services that they own and control. The Enroll Me Now program was created to provide exclusive services for which only a Member can quality:

  • Guaranteed Issue (No health questions)
  • Disability benefits for off the job accident or illness
  • No offset (reduction) of benefits if you have other disability plan
  • Annual cash wellness payments
  • Accidents: more than 40 cash payments for accidental injury, ranging from medical, hospital, to accidental death
  • May include family members; plus spouse accident disability
  • $10,000 cash payment for diagnosis of Critical Illness
  • (Children covered at no charge for Critical Illness)
  • Not tied to any employer – you control your plan and pay via convenient bank draft

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Enroll today via our Online Enrollment Form or contact our local regional manager, Neal & Associates, at 601-978-2391. Your exclusive program was reviewed by your Association and approved to offer to you. It is an exclusive Guaranteed Program only available to Members. Benefit coverage can begin immediately.





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